All you need to Reverse Recruit!

Recruiting is a tough mission. It means hiring a few people and rejecting many candidates every day. In our platform, we see millions of people turned down every month. To reverse the often frustrating experience of these candidates, SmartRecruiters initiated Reverse Recruiting. During dedicated sessions, recruiters and hiring managers help these candidates translate and sell their valuable skills and experience.

Thank you for joining the movement by hosting your own Reverse Recruiting sessions!

Here are all the resources you need to organize your session.

Why to choose SmartRecruiters for your ATS migration

All the answers to the questions you may have to organize a session:

  • Why should my company participate?
  • What investment is needed in terms of resources and time?
  • Which overlooked candidates to address?
  • How to plan and organize?
Why to choose SmartRecruiters for your ATS migration

3 training modules are available including slide deck, one-to-one consultations and handouts:

  • Resume Building
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Personal Branding
Why to choose SmartRecruiters for your ATS migration

Designs available for your Reverse Recruiting communication:

  • Reverse Recruiting logo
  • Session feedback form
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