SmartRecruiters Releases Mass Self Scheduling

This new feature allows TA teams to improve recruiting efficiency and candidate experience by replacing scheduling logistical nightmares with instant, real-time interview confirmation and updates, in bulk.  

SAN FRANCISCO – January 23, 2020, 8:00 AM PDT:

SmartRecruiters, the Hiring Success Company, announces today the release of three distinct features associated with scheduling: mass self scheduling, slot management, and recurring availability – all  highly sought after features which increase recruiters and coordinators efficiency while also providing optimal candidate experiences. 

Mass self-scheduling initiates interview scheduling with dozens of applicants in just a few clicks. Bulk scheduling operates at the same capacity as individual scheduling. With a few intuitive drag and drops, recruiters  can setup the interview with all details and logistics just once. Finally, the experience is streamlined for candidates as well. Schedules can invite multiple candidates to self schedule at once on the applicant list. Those candidates can then select and change their meetings at their own convenience, with real time confirmations and updates.

High-volume interviewers praise the recurring availability management, which provides more flexibility and visibility around interview scheduling. Coordinators can create recurring calendar events as placeholders when scheduling via SmartRecruiters, thus removing the potential repetition of booking calendars of frequent interviewers and allowing interviewers to know what days/times coordinators are sending as “available”. Thus eliminating the need for emailing and waiting for confirmation from interviewers. 

Scheduling functionality also supports slot management – scenarios where multiple candidates will be interviewed by the same panel during the same time slot – such as during career fairs, scheduling coffee hours,  or in-store retail hiring events. 

More info regarding this and other January product releases can be found here:

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