Deep Configurability for the Enterprise

Self-serve administrative changes to your hiring workflow whenever you need with SmartRecruiters. Customize and align hiring processes for any part of your organization.

Configure Your Recruiting Process.
Your Way.

Make updates to hiring processes and workflows whenever you need. You can change career page branding, application templates, and career pages on the fly using SmartRecruiters’ drag-and-drop tools. Save valuable time by managing platform configuration yourself and see the changes go live immediately without delay.

recruiting workflows

Align Hiring Success with Your Organizational Structure

Scale complex hiring processes while ensuring brand consistency across your organization using SmartRecruiters’ multi-level platform controls. Align recruiting workflows across departments, business units, and field locations. SmartRecruiters’ deep configurability allows you to replicate complex internal structures accurately to provide hiring teams with an engaging & consistent user experience.

enterprise hiring workflows

Optimize Your Hiring Workflow

Automate your hiring process from start to finish with SmartRecruiters’ configurable workflows and adjustable process steps for built-in recruiting efficiency. Configure the system to trigger third-party vendor services such as background checks, or offer letter signature requests at specific stages of recruitment.

hiring process automation
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