chapter five

Integrating Systems

Now that you’ve worked with your key stakeholders to understand what the future state needs to look like, it’s time to ensure your technology is well positioned to communicate and integrate with the various systems you have in place.

There are two main types of integration needs to consider. The first is inward-facing integration with your current tech stack, including your HRIS, and the second is outward-facing integration with potential third-party recruiting solutions. A flexible TA system should be compatible with any HRIS. Making sure to partner with a vendor that has sufficient integration experience with your current HRIS will save you headaches during the implementation stage.

Prioritization of Third-Party Integrations

In order to integrate efficiently, you need the right resources and to leverage the right systems. This requires your organization to internally align on what is mission critical and what can be deprioritized. This starts with identifying your needs and prioritizing the right technology accordingly. As you begin building your integration plans, you should consider the following:

  • Which integrations address your most pressing needs?
  • What is the project scope for each integration?
  • Which desired integrations are required for go-live?
  • What project resources are available to support?
  • Are internal resources available to support integration build and deployment?

For most organizations, integrating talent acquisition is absolutely critical. Such integrations enable easy transfer of information to maintain accurate records and streamline people operations efficiency. Below are common examples of HRIS integrations that are typically offered with SmartRecruiters. These integrations allow your HR system to automatically be pre-populated as the candidate transitions into an official employee.

Once you’ve worked with your provider to ensure a flexible system and aligned with your organization on your requirements and responsibilities, you’ll be able to ensure your recruiting technology has been set up for success!