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What is easy apply?

Easy Apply refers to job applications that are hosted directly upon the platform you are using to conduct your job search. If you have already completed a full profile on the specific platform, which would usually include a resume and summary of job experiences and skills, then with the option of clicking the ‘easy apply’ button next to a job posting, your application to the job will usually just take one-click. Moreover, by selecting easy apply, all of your previously uploaded information will be ported over to the application for the job without you having to manually re-enter each section of your resume. Easy apply also allows you to stay on the job search platform to fully submit your job application, instead of traveling to the company’s website that posted the original job description. Therefore, easy apply is a great tool to use when you are trying to cast a wide net during your job search by allowing you to skip redundant tasks like retyping the same sections of your resume over and over again.

Easy apply on LinkedIn

Easy Apply on LinkedIn makes applying to jobs easier and faster. To use easy apply on LinkedIn, simple click Easy Apply and it will allow you to apply directly to jobs without having to ever leave LinkedIn. LinkedIn Easy Apply works by using your pre-saved information from your profile and saved answers to apply to jobs that accept the information included in easy apply. Note that Easy Apply will not save equal employment opportunity and self-identification questions.

Once you have applied with Easy Apply your application will be sent to the relevant employer. Often you will receive a follow up email thanking you for applying from said employer.

Easy Apply also allows you to see directly on LinkedIn the jobs you have applied for.

Easy apply on Glassdoor

Easy Apply on Glassdoor works the same way as it does on any platform, allowing candidates and employers to both benefit from the seamless, barrier reduced application process. In order for Easy Apply to work, you must have your information fully imputed into the Glassdoor platform. If your account has missing information and you select Easy Apply, you will be prompted to add more information before Easy Apply can function correctly.

What employers see when you use easy apply

When you apply for a job using Easy Apply a potential employer sees a quick overview of your information. This information includes:

  • Your name
  • LinkedIn header
  • Location
  • Your title
  • Past experience
  • Education
  • Contact information
  • Keywords

It is imperative to optimize your information in order to stand out as much as possible from the other candidates using Easy Apply. This can be done by:

  • Having a great profile photo
  • Utilizing a strong headline
  • Align your location and industry

Should you select easy apply when applying to jobs?

Applying for jobs can be exhausting, and Easy Apply might seem like an amazing option that will save you a bundle of time. While Easy Apply will save you time, it's important to know when and when not to use it.

When to use Easy Apply:

  • Easy Apply requires you to have your information up to date as it will pull information from your profile. If you use Easy Apply your information needs to be up to date.
  • When you are making a lateral career move. Easy Apply allows you to find the middle ground between active and passive job hunting. Use Easy Apply when you are in a time crunch or using a volume approach to applications.

When not to use Easy Apply:

  • Easy Apply does not work well when you need to showcase your portfolio or individual unique skill sets (often visually oriented).
  • When it's your dream job is key to spend a lot of time tailoring your resume, cover letter, and skills to the specific job. Easy Apply is built to showcase you as a rounded employee, not tailor you to a specific role within a company.

Developing an easy apply link for your job posting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows partners to utilize Easy Apply integration into their platforms. LinkedIn makes this as easy as possible, proving contract information for LinkedIns relationship manager as well as providing in-depth technical details on implementation.

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