Tipico: Putting the Odds in Favor of Better Recruiting and Hiring

Tipico, a global sports betting and casino company, turns to SmartRecruiters to acquire the very best talent worldwide.
"Showcasing our culture and organization helps set us apart from competitors so everyone can see what our employees value and picture themselves as joining our team." Jonathan Pace HR Marketing Manager


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Tipico might be headquartered in the tiny island nation of Malta, but don’t let that fool you. The successful gambling platform is certainly global in vision, with around 1,100 physical retail locations and a massive online and mobile presence.

All this is supported by a team of over 6,000 employees in 33 countries and requires an extensive recruitment effort to maintain.

Tipico, in particular, operate via a decentralized model which aims to find and pick only the highest quality candidates. A challenging task to be sure, especially if you are not being backed up by the right application tracking system.

“What’s improved drastically is how quick we start receiving applications. In general, as soon as a role is live and we share it via social media, the applications start to come in.”
Jonathan PaceHR Marketing Manager


The kind of approach favored by Tipico does not come without its challenges. For example, how do you ensure all of your recruiters and hiring managers are achieving the same high level of quality? How do you ensure processes are standardized in terms of protocol and brand? This latter point was particularly important to Tipico’s HR Manager, Jonathan Pace. He explained:

“Our brand requires creating an experience that impresses candidates, demonstrates our employee values, and makes communications easier to achieve high performance HR marketing.”

These were the issues Tipico had to contend with while using their legacy talent acquisition platform. In particular, it’s lack of easily accessible metrics, visibility and collaboration meant it presented a vague candidate experience at best, and certainly not one which promoted the brand message Tipico desired.


What Tipico needed was an ATS which provided the data they required, without wrestling control from recruiters across the globe. Faced with this, Tipico placed a winning bet with SmartRecruiters.

Here are just some of the ways SmartRecruiters unravelled Tipico’s cumbersome recruitment process:

  • SmartRecruiters allowed Tipico to easily create their own career page and draw metrics from it. This created a ‘one-stop-shop’ which allowed Tipico to reclaim their brand and espouse it effectively.
  • The ability to work their social media channels seamlessly into the platform also allowed Tipico to effectively target more passive candidates who appreciate their brand.
  • The collaborative philosophy of SmartRecruiters meant hiring managers discussed candidates for longer, and in more depth. Ultimately, this resulted in higher quality hires and a better candidate experience.
  • All this, plus the ability to conveniently track each candidate from one dashboard, has also reduced their reliance on external recruiters, ultimately saving them money.
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