chapter five

Your Scorecard Revisited and Process Iteration

On top of regular engagement and training, it’s also important to evaluate overall progress towards your goals. This empowers you to remain agile and adapt accordingly. In addition to a regular cadence of reviews to track your progress in real time, we also suggest organizing an annual business review where your company conducts a formal evaluation of what worked well, what didn’t, and how you can grow.

During your review, revisit the metrics (including the Hiring Success metrics) defined earlier and assess if you successfully leveled up your capabilities, or if more investment is required. Remember the metrics you defined for success in the Evaluate step? These should be referenced to provide insights on TA performance. Some considerations and questions to keep in mind:

  • What does our Hiring Success Scorecard look like now?
    • How has it changed in relation to Hiring Budget, Hiring Velocity, and Net Hiring Score?
    • How does this align with our goals?
    • How does this vary for different types of roles?
  • How have we performed in relation to the other metrics of success we defined earlier?
    • What drove these changes?
    • How does this measure against our goals?
    • What, if any, additional resources are needed?
    • Should there be a change in approach?
    • Are there any other additional initiatives that can support this opportunity?

Following this discussion, you should be able to identify where your business needs to continue to grow, as well as identify new opportunities for investment. Be sure to align on how you plan to evolve your TA strategy accordingly, and what changes you should implement across people, process, and technology.