chapter nine



  • Jerome Ternynck
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Rebecca Carr
    Senior Vice President, Hiring Success
  • Prachi Gore
    Vice President, Marketing

  • Maggie Hennessey
  • Iris Huang
  • Mason Mitchel
  • Ani Sapru
  • Scott Wardell
  • Jack Wei
Creative & Development

  • Shawn Fleming
  • Pietro Vallome
  • Alex Wesler

Thanks to our fellow Smartians who contributed to the creation of this guide. In particular: Roy Baladi, Natalia Baryshnikova, Jared Best, Alison Bosch, Andy Cammack, Kenna Crispin-Bauer, Nicole Hammond, John Hooper, Michael Johnson, Andrea Ramey, Nick Ricciardi, and Caitlin Rolla.

Special thanks to the Hiring Success heroes at Optimizely, Visa, Avery Dennison, Abercrombie & Fitch, Equinox, Skechers, Square, McDonalds, Colliers, Astreya, and Doka as well as Jeff Diana and Tony Le, for sharing invaluable insights. The hiring success outcomes you’ve achieved and continue to push for inspire us to work harder everyday.

And finally, gratitude to our partners at Paradox, Clickboarding, Infor Talent Science, Codility, and Xref. Your input and cases illustrate the impact each step of the talent acquisition journey can have on hiring success.

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