SmartPal Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: July 20, 2022.

Any undefined capitalized terms herein shall have the same meaning as set forth in document between Customer and SmartRecruiters governing Customer’s purchase of a Subscription to SmartRecruiters Applications.

SmartRecruiters currently has terms and conditions in place with Twilio Inc. (“Twilio”) that require SmartRecruiters’ customers to: (1) complete an online form here: WhatsApp Form Link (the “WhatsApp Form”), (2) verify your business with Facebook in accordance with the instructions here (including creating a Facebook Business Manager account and supplying the ID from that account): Business Verification Link (the “Business Verification”), and (3) complete the form at this link: Twilio Form Link (the “Twilio Form”). Any of the foregoing links may change at WhatsApp’s or Twilio’s discretion.

Completing these forms is necessary because WhatsApp Inc. (“WhatsApp”) requires Twilio to flow these obligations down to SmartRecruiters to ultimately result in an agreement between SmartRecruiters’ customers and WhatsApp. Therefore, SmartRecruiters’ obligation to provide SmartPal to Customer is subject to Customer completing the WhatsApp Form, performing the Business Verification, and completing the Twilio Form, all (except for the Business Verification, in which case Customer shall have 10 business days) within five business days of signing an Order Form containing a subscription to SmartRecruiters’ SmartPal product, and compliance with any future WhatsApp and Twilio requirements communicated to Customer by SmartRecruiters. Failure to complete the WhatsApp Form, perform the Business Verification, complete the Twilio Form, and comply with any future WhatsApp or Twilio requirements communicated to Customer by SmartRecruiters does not relieve Customer of Customer’s SmartPal payment obligations.

By purchasing a Subscription to SmartPal, Customer approves Twilio and Zendesk as SmartRecruiters’ sub-processors. SmartRecruiters remains responsible for any acts or omissions of Twilio and Zendesk in the same manner as for SmartRecruiters’ own acts and omissions. Any obligations in the documents governing Customer’s purchase of a Subscription to SmartRecruiters Applications relating to sub-processors shall apply to Twilio and Zendesk.

SmartRecruiters may change these SmartPal terms and conditions at its sole discretion. Any changes shall immediately apply to Customer provided Customer subscribes to SmartPal.

So long as Customer subscribes to SmartPal, these SmartPal Terms & Conditions shall apply to Customer.

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