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New talent acquisition technology to mirror recruiting reality: Non-customized solutions don’t get used.
We wanted to speed things up, and give transparency to hiring managers. We couldn’t clearly see the status of candidates in our process because the reporting tools did not meet our requirements. Bastian Müller HR Manager


Online Retail


Headquarters in Berlin


reBuy is Germany’s fast-growing and expanding online retailer of used electronics and media. The aim of the company concept is to make hidden capacities usable and to extend the lifecycle of products. To achieve this, reBuy has a special refurbishment process, which upgrades second-hand goods according to the quality standards of the market.

“When I asked SmartRecruiters about a new feature I’d learn that it was either already in development or it was being considered from another angle. That demonstrates future potential and a mindset we clearly share.”
Bastian MüllerHR Manager


When Bastian Müller joined reBuy reCommerce as HR manager in 2016, his mission was to create a modern recruiting team to attract the high-quality technology and marketing talent the company needed to continue its substantial growth.

Part of his challenge included adopting new recruiting technology to achieve hiring success to support that growth – and selected SmartRecruiters because it not only would meet his needs today, but was well positioned to meet future needs as the company continues to grow.


As Bastian began evaluating recruiting technology, he defined criteria essential to moving his recruiting team forward. One important attribute was to address process and reporting specific to reBuy’s needs.

As Bastian noted, “I needed a system to mirror reality, the way our work flows, and to customize tools so that I can easily see what’s going on — an overview of each candidate, where they are in the process, and the steps to follow next.”

“In addition, customizing views and functionality makes my job easier,” he added.


Bastian said that because his team was highly involved in evaluating technology and in the decision to select SmartRecruiters, they enjoy using the platform.

“My role is at a higher level, perhaps recruiting one or two positions at a time, so I’m more concerned with overall reporting and key performance indicators,” Bastian explained. “But my team is each recruiting for five or ten positions, using the system every day, so I want to make sure my team is happy. And they are.”

Bastian also pointed out that the level of detail in reports he reviews is far more focused and useful.

“With that information, hiring managers understand how long it takes to find great candidates,” Bastian explained. “The time it takes to source top talent may not be great news, but hiring managers are happy because they can see that we’re doing the best we can thanks to the high level of transparency that comes from using SmartRecruiters.”

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