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What is text recruiting software?

Text recruiting software provides recruiters with a more personal form of communication to candidates, speeding up response times, increasing engagement, and leading to a more responsive hiring process. An astonishing 96% of Americans own a cellphone with 81% of mobile devices being Smartphones (Pew Research, US Smartphone US in 2019). Recruiters are turning to messaging via SMS (text) or WhatsApp as a way to connect with candidates in a timely manner that is convenient for both parties. In short, text recruiting is an efficient communication platform that can speeds up the recruiting timeline, deepens engagement with candidates, and improves the overall candidate experience.

Best practices for WhatsApp & text recruiting

By automating SMS/WhatsApp messaging, hiring professionals can reach large groups of target profiles quickly and efficiently. Have an upcoming career fair or national hiring day event, internship program, or campus visit? Bulk messaging invites are an efficient way to communicate reminders and attendance confirmations. Candidate notifications can be automated for each step in the hiring process – letting candidates know where they stand at all times. While constant contact with candidates can accelerate the hiring process, it can also have some pitfalls without effective messaging. Due to the personal nature of messaging, recruiters need to ensure to keep the tone professional at all times. Always start an interaction with a candidate by asking their permission to text and establish a business relationship. Other helpful guidelines for impactful SMS and WhatsApp Messaging include:
      • Reply promptly to candidates
      • Text candidates only during business hours
      • Build text message templates to unify messaging
      • Do not abbreviate or use hashtags, slang, jargon, or acronyms
      • Use proper grammar, capitalization, and punctuation
      • Avoid symbols and emojis
      • Double-check autocorrect
      • Avoid sarcasm and inappropriate topics
      • Don’t be afraid to show personality and humor

How to craft a recruiting text message

Keep your recruiting text messages brief and focused while being your friendly and engaging self. When a text becomes too long or covers more than one topic, it is best to switch communication formats to an email or a phone call. Do not deliver delicate information, such as job offers or rejection notes, via text messaging. Samples of simple, effective text messages include:

Recruiting text message sample

Introduction: Hi Michael! This is Pam from XYZ. You opted in for texting on your application. Is texting at this number still good for you? >Jim, Pam from ABC Corp. I love texting. How about you? Please do not hesitate to text with any questions you may have during our process. Hello Creed, I’m Pam, a hiring professional at ABC Corp. You were recommended for an Assistant Regional Manager position. I’d like 10 minutes of your time to discuss the details. When would be a good time to call? Hello Phylis. Jim Scott recommended you for the Assistant Regional Manager position at XYZ. I would like to schedule a call to discuss the position. Are you free to chat Friday at 10 am? Thank you! -Pam To send an interview confirmation: Stanley, the team is looking forward to meeting you at the interview on (DATE) at (TIME). Can you please confirm by texting YES or NO? To send an interview reminder: We are looking forward to meeting with you today at (TIME). Here is a map to our office. (MAP URL) Let me know if you need further help. Dwight, the XYZ team is excited about your interview tomorrow! Please text me if you have any additional questions. To send an interview followup: Hi Meredith. Thanks for coming in. It was great meeting you. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Have a great day! Hi Oscar. I hope your interview experience with ABC Corp was positive. We would love to get your feedback. Please click on the link to complete a quick survey. (Survey link) To move the candidate to the next step in the process: Congratulations Jan! ABC Corp would like to schedule a second-round interview. Please click on this link (schedule URL) to schedule your interview at your earliest availability. Hi Toby. Please check your inbox for your offer letter and employment details. Thank you! To answer followup questions: Great question! Here is a link to our benefits package: (BENEFITS URL)

SmartRecruiters and Text Recruiting

SmartMessage is a modern text recruiting solution by SmartRecruiters that will allow hiring professionals to increase the frequency of conversations and deepen candidate engagement. SmartMessage will help you stand out from the competition by leveraging the high read and response rates of messaging. Recruiters will be able to send and receive real-time SMS and WhatsApp messages while safeguarding global compliance. HR professionals will also have confidence in the success of text campaigns with insights into their effectiveness via configurable dashboards and reports. SmartMessage will enable HR Managers to: 
  • Reach 10X potential candidates instantly and get higher response rates at speed
  • Automate self-scheduling and confirmations for candidates
  • Avoid interview no-shows with automatic reminders
  • Use a central inbox for all channels
  • Interact with candidates more frequently and in real-time
  • Get faster responses and reduce delays
Enterprise-grade and natively built, SmartMessage will encourage user adoption due to its seamless experience. No matter what the unemployment rate, top talent is always in demand. Beat out the competition while driving a more efficient hiring process with SmartMessage, premiering in August 2020.
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